Foam rollers

A fabulous and inexpensive piece of equipment that brings fantastic benefits when incorporated into your fitness routine. The roller provides myofascial release (self massage) allowing contracted muscles to relax, which improves blood flow and nutrient flow to the area. Muscles operate with a smoother and better range of motion.  Foam rolling can help to decrease the risk of injury and recovery time between workouts.

Best performed both before and after exercise.  Foam rolling pre work out properly warms up the muscles and loosens the body decreasing the risk of injury and has the indirect effect of increasing the effectiveness of the workout by training more muscle fibres.  Post work out foam rolling helps to speed recovery.  Helping to flush out waste products and increasing blood flow to fatigued muscles.  If you are tight on time and can not fit in both I would recommend foam rolling pre work as a great way to prepare your body for the workout ahead.  Enjoy! x