How to stay motivated to exercise in winter

Write down your plan

At the start of the week make a plan setting out what exercise you are going to do and when.  Factor in nights out and schedule a rest day or stretching session for the day after.  Make it realistic and stick to it.  Ticking off the session once you’ve completed it is very satisfying!

The right kit

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.  Invest in winter weather work out clothes.  There is nothing like having some new kit to make you want to go out and exercise! Base layers, headbands and gloves are a must.  I love Sweaty Betty’s Themal Ear Warmer for £15, great for running in.

Work out with friends

Exercise is always more fun with a friend and you are less likely to back out if it means letting your friends down.  If you are struggling to motive yourself to work hard book into a class and let someone else do the motivational stuff.

Treat yourself

Set yourself a goal and reward yourself.  What do you want to achieve this week – maybe a couple of runs and a yoga class.  Do something nice for yourself as a reward – doesn’t have to be food!

Try something new

If your usual exercise routine is becoming dull or you can’t face your usual run in the wind a rain try something different.  Exercise indoors, go swimming, a spin class – something you don’t usually do.  Working your body in a different way will challenge your muscles and aid progression.