Why do you exercise?

Its so common at this time of year to lose motivation and particularly hard this year whilst trying to juggle work and home schooling. To help inspire you back into action it can be helpful to really think about why you exercise? What are you doing it for? By really focusing your mind on the … Read more

Struggling with motivation

Struggling to motivate yourself to exercise right now? Exercise doesn’t always have to be about pushing your body to its limits – not every run has to be your fastest, the weights you lift don’t have to be the heaviest. Just turn up and you will likely find you can do more than you thought … Read more

New to running?

Some tips to help you if you are new to running. Don’t be fooled into thinking runners jump out of bed excited for their run, it is entirely normal to feel the opposite!  Start slow, don’t set off too fast or you’ll burn out too soon. You can always speed up if it feels easy. … Read more

10 Reasons to exercise outside

10 reasons why you should get outside and exercise ??‍ It costs nothing Can be done where ever, when ever you want Exposure to the sun increases vitamin D levels which helps our immune system Can help lower depression and increases feelings of well being More sensory stimulation which is good for the brain Research … Read more

Consistency is the key

Consistency, in my opinion, is the most important factor in achieving your goals. plan your workouts for the week ahead but be REALISTIC. How much time do you really have to exercise- 3 or 4 times a week? Then plan for 3. It can be demoralising to plan for more and never get that last … Read more

How to stay motivated to exercise in winter

Write down your plan At the start of the week make a plan setting out what exercise you are going to do and when.  Factor in nights out and schedule a rest day or stretching session for the day after.  Make it realistic and stick to it.  Ticking off the session once you’ve completed it … Read more