Struggling with motivation

Struggling to motivate yourself to exercise right now? Exercise doesn’t always have to be about pushing your body to its limits – not every run has to be your fastest, the weights you lift don’t have to be the heaviest. Just turn up and you will likely find you can do more than you thought … Read more

Press ups

A pre lockdown photo of my lovely client working on her press ups. If you find full press ups hard, start with a more upright surface to place your hands against. I often start my clients doing a press up against the wall, the further the feet are away from the wall the tougher they … Read more

New to running?

Some tips to help you if you are new to running. Don’t be fooled into thinking runners jump out of bed excited for their run, it is entirely normal to feel the opposite!  Start slow, don’t set off too fast or you’ll burn out too soon. You can always speed up if it feels easy. … Read more