Love getting my delivery of fresh fruit and veg from @oddboxldn on a Saturday morning?. Oddbox rescue surplus fruit and veg, whether it’s surplus as a result of the impact of the weather or because it’s not perfectly formed ?. There is a massive amount of food which is wasted each week, that doesn’t even … Read more

Is high intensity training a good idea?

There are a lot of HIIT (high intensity interval training) type work outs online but is this the correct thing to be doing right now? ? High Intensity exercise raises our cortisol levels (the stress hormone). When stress or anxiety levels are already high it may not be wise to raise them further. Stress can … Read more

Is Butter a Carb?

If you are looking for something to read and are interested in nutrition I highly recommend this book by Rosie Saunt and Helen West. Written in an easy to understand and entertaining way (actually pretty funny in parts ?), they discuss the many myths surrounding nutrition and present clear evidence based information. If you feel … Read more

Healthy Muffins

I love this Joe Wicks recipe for banana and blueberry muffins. Made with oats, no refined sugar and super easy to make. Just mix everything together in a bowl then divide into muffin cases and bake in 180 degree oven for 18 mins. A nice healthy snack my kids love making and eating and bonus … Read more