It is easy to get stuck doing the same workout each week particularly if you are working out on your own at home.  It might tick the box of moving more and burning calories but it might not give you the desired outcome.  Having a plan and pushing yourself that little bit harder each week … Read more

Tips for getting back into your gym workout

A few tips if you are heading back into the gym this weekend: Don’t expect to lift the same weights that you were pre lockdown.  I would recommend reducing the weight you lift by 30/40% and no more than 3 sets of each exercise. Take your time and concentrate on your technique. Make sure that it is spot on before increasing your weights again.  This can be … Read more

Back in the gym!

Workout and cleaning done! Happy to be welcoming back clients for 1 to 1 sessions in my home gym in Raynes Park today. If you are looking for some guidance and help with achieving your fitness goals or just don’t know where to start I would love to help! I am passionate about helping women … Read more