10 Reasons to exercise outside

10 reasons why you should get outside and exercise ??‍

  1. It costs nothing
  2. Can be done where ever, when ever you want
  3. Exposure to the sun increases vitamin D levels which helps our immune system
  4. Can help lower depression and increases feelings of well being
  5. More sensory stimulation which is good for the brain
  6. Research indicates exercising outdoors is more beneficial to mental health over indoor activities and supports the association between improved health and the amount of ‘green space’.
  7. Studies show people perceive exercise as being less strenuous when performed in a natural environment. You are more likely to work harder ??
  8. Getting outdoors can increase enjoyment of the activity and more of a feeling of ‘escaping’ from everyday life.
  9. Your workout may be more effective. Whether you are sprinting, jogging or walking you need to adapt to a constantly changing environment – obstacles to dodge, inclines, strong winds!
  10. Provides variety – even if you workout in the same park or run the same route, the climate and surroundings will never be exactly the same which can provide a welcome distraction ?

Plus the sun is shinning ☀️. Make the most of it!