New to running?

Some tips to help you if you are new to running.

Don’t be fooled into thinking runners jump out of bed excited for their run, it is entirely normal to feel the opposite! 

Start slow, don’t set off too fast or you’ll burn out too soon. You can always speed up if it feels easy. A good pace is one where you can maintain a conversation.

Start with some intervals, a bit of walking followed by a bit of running and slowly build up from there so that each time you go out, you do a bit more running and eventually you don’t need to walk at all. There are loads of great ‘couch to 5k’ training programmes on line you can follow, the nhs website has a good one. Having a training plan to follow or a goal to work towards is great for making you feel a sense of achievement and success and in turn will boost your mood.

Factor in time for rest and recovery, to allow your body to recover before you do your next run.

Ideally incorporate some strength work into your training plan focusing on your core and glutes.

Think about the things you enjoy about being outside running – use your run to catch up on a pod cast, listen to music, or simply connect with nature. Find what you enjoy and will motivate you.