Resistance band exercise for posture

One of our lovely ladies working hard in the glorious winter sunshine at our Circuits class in Holland Gardens SW20 this Monday morning. A great way to kick start the week! This lady is doing a half kneeling mid row exercise using a resistance band.  This strengthens the back muscles particularly those located around and … Read more

Energy balls

Full of goodness energy balls, the perfect pick me up after a workout or for a healthy snack.  I even made mine into treats for the Christmas tree 🙂 Ingredients: 200g mix of cashew and macadamia nuts, 175g mix of dates and raisins, 100g almond milk, 100g vanilla protein powder, 90g chia seeds, 70g oats, 20g coconut oil

Green smoothie recipe

Try this fantastic green breakfast smoothie full of good fats and protein. Perfect pre-workout breakfast. Ingredients: 1 apple,  half an avocado, tablespoon each of greek yoghurt and linseeds, teaspoon each of chia seeds and greens powder, large handful of spinach leaves, scoop of vanilla protein powder and 300ml almond milk.

Foam rollers

A fabulous and inexpensive piece of equipment that brings fantastic benefits when incorporated into your fitness routine. The roller provides myofascial release (self massage) allowing contracted muscles to relax, which improves blood flow and nutrient flow to the area. Muscles operate with a smoother and better range of motion.  Foam rolling can help to decrease … Read more